Slot’s Eyes: The Warehouse Management Platform That Supports Teleworking

The State of Alarm Decree of 14 March 2020 forced many companies to change their way of working. In addition, there were many recommendations from the ORP departments to organise the necessary infrastructures to allow people to telework in order to contain the pandemic and to be able to reconcile the changes occurring in their personal lives. 

By mid-March, offices began to be empty and business went on from a very different place: the home of each worker. In warehouses, teleworking can seem much more complex: the activity is carried out in person and exhaustive control seems impossible if we are not on site, except for organisations that have software such as Slot’s Eyes designed to provide a solution to critical situations. 

Teleworking over the warehouse?

Slot’s Eyes dock manager favours teleworking for several reasons that we detail below:

  • It is a platform accessible from any device with Internet access. 
  • Each user has specific roles according to their responsibilities in the organisation. 
  • It allows forecasts to be made about the dispatches for the following days in order to organise the staff in an optimal way. 
  • It allows us to monitor what is happening in real time in the warehouse thanks to the tracking from the moment the transporter arrives until he leaves the premises. 
  • We can have quality questionnaires answered by the operators of our organisation on, for example, the quality of loading and unloading operations. 

Different users united by one mission

Both carriers and logistics operators have the same mission: to fulfil the assigned shipments and make the deliveries correctly and in the shortest possible time. Slot’s Eyes allows you to configure each registered user depending on whether they are internal or external personnel and, in turn, assign different roles. For example? There are users who can modify the schedules of carriers and change time slot operations to balance the set of carriers. 

Using Slot’s Eyes allows everyone involved in warehouse operations to optimise resources. Why? Our dock management platform makes it possible to avoid Valley Hours and truck congestion. Thus, the workflow is constant and we avoid wasting time for both internal and external staff. 

Forecasting: the ally of efficiency

Being efficient depends, to a large extent, on the ability to plan. With Slot’s Eyes and its possibility of access from any device with an Internet connection, we can see what resources we are going to need depending on the volume of operations and the times of the day when they are going to take place. 

Monitoring and quality

Among the innovations of Slot’s Eyes is the capacity to follow in real time the situation of each transporter from the moment they are accredited to arrive at the facilities until they leave them. In addition, the platform allows the inclusion of quality questionnaires at each of the docks. The questionnaires are fully customisable and include three types of answers: open, Yes/No and ratings from 1 to 10. 

Regular statistical information

All these advantages are transferred to the statistical reports. In order to favour teleworking by offering the same quality in warehouse control, we can configure statistical reports according to the needs of each moment. Thus, we can know in depth the closed answers of the reports or the punctuality of the transporters, among other aspects.