Select the plan that best suits your company's reality.
Fixed price with no surprises at the end of the month.


300 €
+ IVA / Month
  • Up to 5 docks
  • Up to 15 internal users
  • Up to 150 external users


500 €
+ IVA / Month
  • Up to 10 docks
  • Up to 30 internal users
  • Up to 300 external users


  • How many docks?
  • How many internal users?
  • How many external users?

*Licence fee per warehouse.

Why Slot's Eyes?

We operate on a strict pay-as-you-go (SAAS) basis, a single monthly fee without any added obligation on the part of the customer, which requires us to provide the best possible service and avoids that unpleasant feeling on the part of the customer of being captive to an application that does not fully satisfy them.