KERN Pharma Relies On Slot’s Eyes For Warehouse Management

Slot’s Eyes is a platform that manages to increase the control of dock operations in organisations. Recently, we have presented our platform at the ICIL headquarters in Barcelona with the Head of Logistics of Kern Pharma, Mr. Antonio Sánchez. The pharmaceutical company based in Terrassa has been using Setecem’s platform for more than two years for the management of its warehouse and has extended it to other companies in its group. 

The KernPharma success story

The logistics department of Kern Pharma contacted us in 2017 presenting problems arising from the lack of control of operations in their facilities. As a result, they were facing:

  • There were long waits for transporters and that the vehicles were collapsing the facilities and their immediate vicinity.
  • There was an increased risk of accidents due to being run over. 
  • There was a lack of visibility of the material received on a daily basis. 
  • Delays in deliveries. 
  • Organisational change was limited. 

The implementation of Slot’s Eyes, according to Antonio Sánchez, has allowed Kern Pharma to meet multiple objectives of the logistics department and those related to it. Thus, after two years of using the spring gesture, the pharmaceutical company has seen improvements in the following benefits:

  • Elimination of pending entries from one working day to the next. 
  • A 25% reduction in the time spent on each operation. 
  • Extending reception hours by 3 hours a day without increasing staffing levels. 
  • Reduction of overtime. 
  • Concrete forecast of deliveries for a better organisation of the stock thanks to the visibility of the transports arriving daily.