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The target audience of our platform is anyone who has one or more loading and unloading docks and wants to control the activity that takes place in them.
Our main users today belong to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors.
Our customer profile is wide, from SMEs to listed companies with presence in different countries.

As it could not be otherwise today, in order to respond to customers who have different warehouses and need to be able to manage operations in a centralised way without having to travel, Slot’s Eyes works in a cloud system, operating on high-performance servers to ensure the agility and stability of our platform at all times.Si nos centramos en los aspectos técnicos de Slot’s Eyes, es una solución desarrollada en PHP con una base de datos MySQL, tecnologías de solvencia más que demostrada a lo largo de los años que nos ofrecen la seguridad y estabilidad que nuestros clientes necesitan.

Slot’s Eyes is always in development, our technical team is constantly working on updating the platform and developing new features that are born from the needs of our customers.Creemos que un software debe ser algo vivo y tiene que adaptarse a las necesidades de las empresas en cada momento. Nuestra obsesión es hacer que nuestro cliente se sienta cómodo con el uso de la plataforma y eso solo lo podemos conseguir si esta da respuesta a todas las necesidades que pueda tener.

The platform is currently available in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, and French.

It is part of our DNA to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each client. This comes from our origins of developing custom solutions rather than packaged ones. Therefore, creating specific adaptations for particular requirements is not a problem for us.

The forecasts are indeed positive. There is a growing demand for solutions to digitize businesses and optimize processes. Additionally, due to the implementation of the Royal Decree-law 3/2022, which prohibits carriers from performing loading and unloading tasks and reduces the waiting time to one hour to be considered a halt, with the associated costs, our platform becomes the perfect ally to avoid unwanted delays and plan the necessary workforce and resources to meet the scheduled loading and unloading operations within the specified time.

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Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

For any query or incident on a public holiday, please send an email to incidencias@setecem.com and a technician on duty will contact you as soon as possible.

No, we worked hard to keep you, but if you left we would be very sad.

We are Setecem, a company present in the technological solutions market since 2005. To find out more visit the “About us” tab.

Our company is located in Sabadell, Barcelona.