More than 15 years covering the needs of our customers based on our solid principles: quality, honesty and service.

How was Slot's Eyes born?

Our company, Setecem, present in the technological solutions market since 2005, has extensive experience in companies in the sector.

As a result of the observation of our clients’ own processes, we were able to verify that it was usual to have their facilities collapsed by vehicles queuing to be able to carry out loading and unloading operations, as well as on other occasions the company saw its production process interrupted because when the working day of the warehouse staff was over, due to a lack of organisation and/or foresight, it had not been possible to unload or load the goods and the transporter was unable to do so, due to a lack of organisation and/or foresight, it had not been possible to unload or load the goods and the transporter had to return another day with all the inconveniences that this caused, in the best of cases, the staff could extend their working day to carry out these operations outside their working hours with the extra hours costs that this entailed.

We create specific solutions for specific needs


The seed of Setecem was planted in the early 2000s. Both Enrique and Jordi had met at the Faculty of Computer Science and decided to create a computer services company with a clear desire to be close to their customers. What was initially a local business quickly grew and provided services to national clients such as Vodafone, Boboli, Intersport and Bodegas Torres, among others.

The evolution of the IT sector led them to open their own web application development department to respond to the growing demand from their clients and it was at this point that they began to develop solutions for both the private and public sectors, carrying out work for local and European administrations.

All the experience accumulated during those years led them to start developing their own software, specific solutions for specific needs that users could not find in the market. After several years creating specific solutions, they decided to go a step further, to create a specific solution for a problem common to most manufacturers and logistics distributors but with a particularity, that this base should be adaptable and customisable for each of their customers and thus have a customised solution at an affordable price.