Our platform adapts to your real daily needs, thanks to multiple functions that are as decisive as they are profitable for you.
Get to know them and rewrite the future of your company.

The main feature of our solution is its simplicity of use, adaptability to the specific processes of each company and the global vision of the entire loading and unloading process, from the prior reservation until the carrier leaves the premises, as well as obtaining specific data thanks to the platform’s report generator.

Warehouse management

· Access management
· Establishes minimum advance notice for reservations
· Indicates warehouse closing intervals

Dock management

· Define separate schedules for each dock
· Define the duration of each slot
· Defines dock type, commodity and operation

Booking management

· Generates recurrent reserves
· Confirms or denies booking requests
· Communicate automatically with the carrier or supplier

Resource Management

(forklifts, foremen, capacity, operations)
· It sets minimum and maximums per reserve.
· Controls stock of resources

Periodic reporting

· Compliance with warehouse and carrier timetables.
· Volume of operations
· KPI’s

Multi-language configuration

· Spanish
· Catalan
· Italian
· English
· French

Management of internal and external user permissions
Exhaustive carrier timetable control
Registration of actions on the platform
Full load or groupage management
QR code for each booking
Export of daily planning
Customisable displays
Recipient management
And much more...

How can we help your company?

Slot’s Eyes is a warehouse management software that allows manufacturers and transporters to reserve time slots to make the resources necessary for loading and unloading operations in the warehouse more effective and efficient. It allows us to anticipate the workload in order to anticipate the needs of the warehouse and thus make optimised use of the resources available, avoiding waiting times for the carrier, interruption of the supply chain or overtime costs for the company’s staff.

Slot’s Eyes provides an intelligent and practical solution for manufacturers or logistics distributors who want to keep track of the activity taking place on their docks.

Through our platform we can not only manage the docks’ agenda, allowing us to optimise the human and material resources available to our users, but also to obtain personalised and periodic reports on the activity carried out there, so that our clients can assess the performance of the contracted carriers and the performance and needs of their own staff.

Thanks to our previous experience in other projects, we have been able to find the right balance between the simplicity of use of the application and the need to create a powerful and complete tool that allows our clients to obtain the detailed information they need to optimise the performance of their companies.

Some of our clients are