SLOT’S EYES, The Platform For Warehouse Operations Optimisation

The warehouse is the space from which we send and receive goods. In order for human and physical resources to be used optimally, it is necessary to be able to work with specific schedules for each of the working days. It is often the case that companies that manufacture and ship goods find themselves in situations such as…

… Crowds of lorries in the same time zone. 

… Off-peak hours at loading and unloading docks. 

… Hauliers who turn up unannounced. 

To turn this situation around, Setecem has launched Slot’s Eyes, a warehouse management software that allows carriers and manufacturers to manage their dock reservations in warehouses. The main benefits of the platform are summarised in that Slot’s Eyes enables forward planning through:

  • Advance booking of slots by both manufacturers and carriers. 
  • Confirming or denying slot bookings and changing the day or time slot, notifying the carrier of the change. 
  • Have a quick overview of the day’s bookings. In addition to being able to take a look from any device with Internet access, Slot’s Eyes also allows the table to be exported in different PDF formats for internal circulation in paper format.

Setecem’s online platform wanted to go a step further and offer manufacturers or logistics operators traceability from the moment a transporter arrives at the facility until he leaves. Thus, Slot’s Eyes is prepared to:

  • Confirm carrier arrivals and fill in forms with the details of the person who will carry out the loading or unloading operation. 
  • Control the arrival time, access time, start time and departure time. 

We have also implemented improvements that allow manufacturers or logistics operators to have specific and statistical information on operations on a regular basis. Thus, it is possible to

  • Develop quality questionnaires with different types of questions. 
  • Generate periodic statistical reports on any information collected by the platform and divide them by transport company.