We present the new features of the Slot’s Eyes dock management software at SIL 2023 Barcelona.

New developments in the Slot’s Eyes yard management system include, among others, the possibility to attach documentation to the platform and the export of data for a comprehensive analysis of warehouse operations.

On 7, 8 and 9 June, we invite you to visit our stand at the main international meeting of the logistics sector to be held in Barcelona, SIL 2023. This year, our participation is focused on the presentation of new developments for effective and efficient warehouse management and, in addition, we will offer demonstrations of the operation of the platform to companies that want to improve their logistics management in our space, located at stand F625.

Slot’s Eyes is a dock management software that aims to increase warehouse productivity by reducing the time spent on each operation and, therefore, the costs related to resource management. In order to facilitate the achievement of objectives, both manufacturers and transporters collaborate in the organisation, who are key players in improving the management of resources.

The new features that we have included in the latest versions of the platform allow compliance with current legislation on logistics management without effort, as Slot’s Eyes includes evolutions that take into account new legal developments. Among the aspects most valued by clients such as KERN Pharma or Vidara, it is worth highlighting that our yard management system allows:

– Favour the efficiency of resources and increase the profitability of companies in logistics operations in the warehouse.
– Manage the dock schedule and plan work in advance, avoiding bottlenecks and waits in the vicinity of warehouses.
– Analyse resource efficiency through real-time reports that can be customised and automatically emailed to different people in the organisation.
– Reduce the company’s carbon footprint, thanks to the more efficient management of resources facilitated by the platform.

Each sector and each customer also has specific needs. In order to adapt the platform to the requirements of each sector and each company in particular, the Slot’s Eyes development team proposes customised solutions that completely personalise the warehouse management tool. Furthermore, due to our commitment to continuous improvement, we periodically add improvements to Slot’s Eyes based on the new needs that we detect in the sector through the experience of our customers and new regulatory requirements at no additional cost to our customers.

The Slot’s Eyes team of consultants will be waiting for you on the 7th, 8th and 9th of June with on-site demonstrations and personalised support to help you increase the efficiency of your warehouse resources.