Remember! We look forward to seeing you at the Slot’s Eyes stand at SIL Barcelona to present our new products.

Next 7, 8 and 9 June, the Slot’s Eyes team of consultants will be waiting for you at our stand (F625) at SIL 2023 to be held at the Fira de Barcelona to present the latest developments in our dock management system with demonstrations in real time.

Slot’s Eyes is a warehouse management software aimed at improving warehouse productivity by providing companies with an online tool in which manufacturers and transporters work together as a team. At SIL Barcelona, the international logistics sector’s leading event, we presented our new products with demonstrations adapted to the needs of each sector and company.

The Slot’s Eyes yard management system has a long history in the logistics market. The Slot’s Eyes team are specialists in the technology and logistics sectors: we have been pioneers in the development of customised solutions for warehouse management at a national level. The platform’s functionalities have enabled measurable improvements in our clients’ warehouse management:

– Reduction of unloading time by 25%, which, in addition to making available resources more efficient, we have eliminated the
resources more efficient, we have eliminated pending entries of the day.
– Increase in hourly availability by 35%, which has made it possible to increase operations and make available resources more profitable.
operations and make available resources more profitable.
– Reduction of staff overtime by 30%, which has led to a significant reduction in costs in the
significant cost reduction in the management of warehouse operations.
All this, in addition, allowing real-time consultation of the operations carried out, those that are being executed and those that have been
those that are being executed and those that have been planned on the platform. Thus, it is possible to manage
any unforeseen event or unexpected activity with agility, as we are able to operate with the planned activity and having
planned activity and having updated information available at all times.

At our stand (F625) at SIL Barcelona 2023, on 7, 8 and 9 June, we will explain to you
all the news that we have developed in Slot’s Eyes and you will be able to request demonstrations in
demonstrations in real time and explain the specific needs of your organisation.