The Importance Of Incoming Goods Control

In the loading and unloading processes that are carried out at the company’s docks, it is important to be able to have an exhaustive control of everything that happens from the arrival to the departure of the transporter. The information collected will be used to improve logistics and warehouse management, as well as to make the best decisions in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the company.

To do this, it is necessary to have the right tools that allow a complete and intuitive real-time view of the docks, recording all the information of the shipments to be able to manage and analyse it from a single interface. Controlling the reception of goods has become a key element in the management and optimisation of a warehouse’s docks, especially now that responsibility for loading and unloading falls to companies.

When the needs are so specific, as in the case of having a complete goods receiving control, they also require specialised solutions that respond to them. To this end, software developers offer platforms that are increasingly specific and adaptable to the needs of each department and, in turn, of each company, becoming customisable.

For the control of goods receipt it is important to take into account some aspects that a good management software such as Slot’s Eyes can offer you:

  • Facilitate the possibility for carriers to make reservations of time slots for loading and unloading operations to be carried out.
  • To be able to accept or deny reservations at any time in order to have a forecast of the volume of loading and unloading that will take place daily at the docks.
  • Schedule time slots or reserved slots, whether on a one-off or periodic basis, in order to optimise the personnel and material resources available in the warehouse.
  • To be able to redirect traffic on the arrival of carriers if necessary.
  • To carry out personalised surveys that serve to gather useful information on each shipment:
  • To be able to determine the punctuality and compliance with the reserved time slot and to detect, in the event of non-compliance, the reasons why it has not been done and to be able to observe if it is something recurrent and in which cases. For example, always with the same transport agency, or if it is due to some internal casuistry of the company at an organisational level.
  • To be able to implement personalised questionnaires that collect all the information that may be relevant, such as the state of the goods on receipt, among others.
  • To be able to have flexibility and adaptability so that it can be adapted to other processes that are already carried out in the company or to respond to specific needs of the company.

The Slot’s Eyes team offers companies personalised advice that allows them to evaluate the specific needs of their clients and adapt them to the functionalities of the software.