Slot’s Management Improves Your Company’s Resource Efficiency

The optimisation of resources, human and material, and the time dedicated to each of the processes of a company has a great impact at all levels and influences its profitability.

If we extrapolate this concept to the efficiency of the organisation and control of loading and unloading, which takes place daily on the docks, exactly the same thing happens. For this reason, having control of these docks by means of slots management becomes a necessary tool for any warehouse, regardless of the sector to which the company belongs.

Slot management is possible through dock control software such as Slot’s Eyes, which allows manufacturers and transporters to reserve time slots to make the resources necessary for loading and unloading operations in the warehouse more effective and efficient.

Optimise Uploads And Downloads In Your Company With Slot’s Eyes

This dock control and slot management software in warehouses presents a set of functionalities that make this tool the perfect ally for the company’s logistics managers.

Slot’s Eyes allows:

  • Assign roles to the different users involved in the process.
  • Make reservations of time slots for loading and unloading with the time in advance stipulated by the company using the software.
  • Allows the company to accept or deny, at any time, the bookings made.
  • Allows periodic bookings to be made, following the same pattern, in a specific warehouse, dock and timetable.
  • It stipulates a delimited time for operations.
  • Provides a quick overview of the warehouse situation at a glance.
  • With confirmation of arrivals, Slot’s Eyes allows you to direct traffic, so you can track in real time what is happening from the time a carrier is checked in until it leaves the premises.
  • The ability to add customised quality questionnaires helps us establish an on-site control mechanism that operators can answer at the start or end of the operation. In this way we generate KPIs that will allow us to evaluate the performance of processes and quality of reception and dispatch of goods through the company’s docks according to the parameters that we have established.
  • As an analysis tool, Slot’s Eyes also generates statistical reports with the data collected by the platform. The information obtained will make it possible to evaluate carriers’ compliance with schedules, the efficiency of warehouse staff and the results of personalised quality questionnaires.

Slot’s Eyes is the specialised dock control software that will allow you to obtain information about what is happening at all times during loading and unloading at your docks, as well as optimising and improving the entire process involved.