Indukern Trusts Slot’s Eyes For Spring Management

Indukern, a leading company in the distribution of chemical products, has more than 55 years of history and a global presence. They develop and market all kinds of additives for animal nutrition and health, ingredients for flavours and fragrances, food solutions, API’s and pharmaceutical excipients.

The company establishes itself as a link and intermediary between raw material suppliers and manufacturers, representing leading brands worldwide. It also manufactures its own products adapted to the needs of its customers thanks to its knowledge, acquired from experience, of its sector.

Indukern has a strong international presence and an extensive sales network. The agility and efficiency in distribution, thanks to its operations system, is key, so they are aware that in order to offer guarantees to their customers it is necessary to be able to count on optimised warehouse management at all levels.

Thanks to its dedication and work towards correct warehouse management, and with the aim of strengthening its logistics network, Indukern currently has subsidiaries and warehouses in Europe, Asia and Latin America, which allows it to offer global coverage in the different industrial sectors. Its extensive area of action and its volume in the logistics field make it necessary to correctly structure and organise the company’s internal department.

For this reason, and studying all the mechanisms necessary to improve the efficiency of the company, we evaluated the factors to be taken into account. Among the needs detected by the company’s managers, in terms of logistics, was the fact of being able to find a specialised tool which, within warehouse management, would allow them to control the entry and exit of goods produced in their docks on a daily basis.

For this, they did not hesitate to place their trust in Slot’s Eyes for the management and control of the loading and unloading that takes place in their warehouses. The software has allowed them to reduce times in the process and optimise the available resources, both human and material, with the booking of time slots by the transporters which allows them to gain in planning and control, as well as obtaining KPIs for subsequent analysis.

Slot’s Eyes allows them to offer their clients agility and efficiency to ensure the correct delivery in time and cost, which makes them a company with an important competitive advantage in the market given the control they have and the information obtained with the system.

The software allows them to accept or deny bookings, as well as redirect traffic, if necessary, thanks to the control and real-time overview of the status of their warehouses at all times. All this allows them to manage their resources in order to optimise them and also to obtain relevant information to readjust and adapt them.

Indukern has thus managed to have specialised software for slot management, which has been of great benefit to the structuring of the company and the volume of work, shipments and receipts of goods, which it has to manage given the characteristics of its business.