Vacations under control

At the end of July, the need to close projects and keep operations under control to avoid the phone ringing off the hook during the vacations becomes very evident. However, even if part of the team starts their vacation, the company’s day-to-day business must continue. For that, our platform becomes an ally to enjoy the time off without any surprises.

Slot’s Eyes is a yard management system that allows you to:

  • Manage users, both internal and external. With this, we can manage access to the platform to cover positions that will be out of the office for a few days.
  • Allow transportation providers to make reservations, previously designed based on warehouse capacity and our company’s needs.
  • Receive relevant information on trading milestones and statistical reports by e-mail, making trading visible even without logging into the platform.
  • Consult the current status of the warehouses and the activity forecast from any device connected to the Internet, so that foreseeable operational incidents can be resolved remotely.
  • Manage information instantly, as it is always updated in real time.

And, what's more, keep it simple

It is important to have tools that allow exhaustive day-to-day control. It is also important that the IT platforms are simple and intuitive, especially when the profiles that manage information are not accustomed to technology or when we need occasional support from professionals who do not work every day with our software.

Slot’s Eyes is a platform designed with a friendly visual aspect that allows any user to navigate through the platform and manage the information related to its activity. In addition, it has online action suggestions for each screen and a technical support team to solve any incident.

We go one step beyond improving day-to-day management.